BDC Meta Man Web Edition Released

We’re delighted to announce the first 1.0 release of BDC Meta Man Web Edition. The release of this is long overdue, and we’ll have a follow up blog post about why this is and what we’ve learnt so hopefully you can learn from what we did.

Please download the application from the BDC Meta Man Web Edition page and give it a try – it’s licensed the same way as the Windows version so you can install and run it, being able to create two entities, an association, and add it into the BDC. It really is quite impressive being able to design your BDC application in the browser and import it straight into SharePoint all from the browser. If nothing else this is a great example of what can now be accomplished in the browser with a great javascript libraries such as jQuery.

We’re also trying a different licensing type this time – by doing it by SharePoint Farm. This will make it simple to cost and easier to deploy and manage. If you’re an existing BDC Meta Man customer drop us an email as we will look to discount the purchase for you.

Big thumbs up to Phill and Hrayr who’ve been working very hard on this!

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