BDC Show In Picker


When you are using the Business Data Column you can select the relevant data from your backend system either in the Document Information Panel in an application such as Word, or by editing the SharePoint items properties.

When editing the item properties you can click on the little address book icon and the BDC Item Picker will open up. This records from your BDC application by executing the Finder method.

As you can see in the image above the picker is only displaying the column that is the identifier of the entity. This isn’t much use for your users to select the row of data they want to assign to a document! To select which columns you want to be displayed you need to set the ShowInPicker property for relevant columns being returned in your finder method.

Here is how to set the ShowInPicker property within BDC Meta Man.

1, Right click on your Entity on the BDC Meta Man design surface and choose Edit.

2, When the Entity Management screen opens up, click the Methods tab

3, Ensure you have the Finder method selected, pick the column you want to be displayed in the BDC Item Picker and click the Modify Column Properties button

Within the form that opens up you’ll see a checkbox for ShowInPicker. Tick this, and then save.

Having this property set will now show the columns you want to be displayed within the BDC Item Picker

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