BDC Web Man released

Many organizations are going down the route of presenting their data to applications through a web service layer and returning a nice set of objects rather than developers having to query directly against a database and learn how to join tables together to get the entity they need. These applications include the Business Data Catalog.

If you are going to use a web service layer with the BDC, best practise is to build your web methods to work the same way as a Finder, SpecificFinder and IdEnumerator methods do that the BDC implements. Writing web methods and object classes for tables and views can be quite a tedious job – so through the things we’ve learned from building BDC Meta Man we’ve created a new application called BDC Web Man. This will take away all the hard work and save you many hours of coding by generating your web service project and all the classes and methods you need.

Check out the BDC Web Man page where we have links to 2 screencasts of the tool and the BDC in action. Download the trial and get using the BDC and web services in minutes.

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