Business Connectivity Services Workshops

As you may have heard the Business Data Catalog is being renamed to Business Connectivity Services for SharePoint 2010. As well as a name change there are also a lot of new features and functionality available to you to integrate your Line of Business systems with SharePoint.

Lightning Tools is offering a 3 day workshop to review your implementation of the Business Data Catalog, bring you up to speed on the Business Connectivity Services and finally plan a route of attack for upgrading and making use of the new functionality available to you.

Day 1

Review implementation of Business Data Catalog
Detail functionality utilized and where

Day 2

Presentations, demo’s and walk-through’s on Business Connectivity Services

Day 3

Plan how to utilize BCS new functionality
Upgrade considerations from existing BDC usage

Day 1 and Day 3 are based around a number of worksheets which will be completed during the days so you have information to refer to once the workshop is over.

This workshop is run onsite so you can get the maximum benefit from our BDC and BCS expertise.

To express an interest in this workshop and get more details please send an email to We expect dates to fill up fast so if you are interested please let us know asap.

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