Configure BDC Web Parts with SharePoint Lists

Configuring BDC web parts with SharePoint Designer

The Business Data Catalog is a component of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition. It allows you to integrate your Line of Business databases and web services with SharePoint.

When using the BDC you get a number of web parts our of the box that allow you to quickly display your Business Data Catalog information and build nice dashboards. This whitepaper describes how to add style to your BDC data when it is displaed in a BDC List Web Part. The BDC list Web Part will pick up any themes that you apply to a page, but what if you want to format the data? SharePoint Designer can help with Number & Date Formatting, performing  calculations on your data, adding conditional formatting, filtering, and grouping and sorting. This is easily applied to your BDC Web Parts with Zero Code. Sure if you also want to go beyond what SharePoint Designer is capable of, then you can use XSL if you like to tweak it.

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Manipulating the Business Data List Web Part with SharePoint Designer

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