Lightning Storm Forum Alerts

We’ve had a number of support questions recently around how users of the Lightning Storm Forums can get email alerts when new topics or replies are added that they may be interested in. Here are the 3 ways users can sign up for alerts.

1, Sign up for an entire forum


If you want to receive an alert whenever a new topic or reply is added to a particular forum, when viewing the topics within the forum click on the Email Notification icon that is in the top right of the web part.

When you have done that you’ll get an email alert whenever someone adds a new topic or reply to the forum

2, Sign up for a particular topic


If you are viewing a topic that you are interested in, at the top of the web part you’ll see the Email Notification icon. Click on this and you’ll start getting email alerts whenever someone adds a new post to this topic.

3, Sign up for a topic when creating a reply


If you are creating a new topic or adding a reply to an existing topic – there is a checkbox that allows you to sign up for notifications. If you check this and hit the Post button, you’ll then get alerts when a new reply is added to that topic.


Hope that helps explain how your users can sign up to email notifications within the Storm Forums. If you have any questions or feedback/ideas please send them over to


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