Lightning Storm Forums for SharePoint – Feb 2010 release

We’ve just uploaded a new release of the Lightning Storm Forums. This has a couple of new features that have come directly from customer feedback:

Easier to delete topics

If you have the permissions to do so, you can now delete topics directly from within the topic view:


Previously you had to go into the forum management screens to delete an entire topic – now it is much easier.

Easier to sign up to alerts

When you create a new topic or reply you’ll have a checkbox that can allow you to sign up to be alerted of new posts:


Much easier now to setup alerts for topics you are interested in

Performance information available

If you think your forums are a little slow in loading, you can now select the option in the web part properties to see Debug Timing information


When viewing a topic, at the bottom you’ll now see information about how long each method call is taking. This makes it much easier for us to support you if you do have any performance problems.


You can download a Free Trial of the Lightning Storm Forums from it’s home page:

Lightning Storm Forums for SharePoint


If you are an existing customer login to the site and checkout the downloads area.

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