Nothing But SharePoint choose Social Squared for their discussion forums

We are delighted to announce that the Nothing But SharePoint community site has chosen Social Squared as its discussion forum platform. Previously the site was using a mixture of phpBB and WordPress, but upon moving the main site across to SharePoint 2010 the NBSP team were also looking for a forum solution that would integrate perfectly.

Having tested Social Squared out, it has now been deployed so that each area of IT Pro, Developer and End User have their own space for visitors and users to ask questions and get answers.

Here are links to each individual forum:

SharePoint IT Pro Forum
SharePoint Dev Forum
SharePoint End User Forum

You can register on the site and post using your Live ID, or create a new post and enter your name and email address each time.

The Lightning Tools team are going to be keeping an eye on the questions asked in the forums and doing our best to post useful answers. If you have any questions or troubles around SharePoint the NBSP forums are a great place to head to…

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