Office 365 Integration with SharePoint Intranet

Good news everyone, we’ve added a new feature to Data Masher to help you integrate Office 365 and SharePoint 2010! We think many organizations will go with a hybrid model as they get started with Office 365 and cloud solutions. A hybrid model means making use of SharePoint you host yourself, and SharePoint also running in the cloud in something such as Office 365. Using the Data Masher allows you to sync up  lists between these 2 environments. It’s a two way sync, so you can either push the list data to the remote list or you can pull it down to your local list, pretty neat eh?!

How do I get started?

  • Download the Data Masher
  • You will need an Office 365 account – I am using the trial version.
  • You will need the certificate for *  It is included in the Data Masher download.

Install the certificate

    1. Go to ‘Central Administation’
    2. Click ‘Security’
    3. Choose ‘Manage Trust’
    4. Click ‘New’ from the Ribbon
    5. Give the new trust a name i.e MSOnline
    6. Click ‘Browse’ and select the *.cer certificate
    7. Click ‘OK’ (We don’t need to worry about the last section on the form)

Install Data Masher

  1. You can follow this installation guide to install Data Masher

Using Data Masher Office 365 Sync

  1. Navigate to your local SharePoint List
  2. Click ‘Custom Commands’ from the Ribbon and choose ‘Sync to Office 365 List’

    Data Masher Ribbon Buttons

  3. On the configuration page enter your credentials and list details. If the list does not exist on the destination site it will be created.

    Configuring Data Masher connection settings and fields

  4. Select the ‘Fields’ that you want to Sync, any missing fields on the destination list will be added automatically.
  5. Select the frequency you want to Sync and whether you want to push or pull the SharePoint list data

    Configuring Data Masher update frequency and direction

  6. You can click ‘Save’ to add the Sync to the Data Masher Jobs or you can click ‘Run Now’ to run immediately.
  7. Once you have clicked ‘Save’ the list will now be synchronised at the interval chosen.

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