SharePoint and SAP made easy

We’re always looking for new solutions to make it easier to get your data useable in SharePoint through the Business Data Catalog. SAP has always been a difficult area for us due to the deep knowledge required of the SAP platform before you can even start thinking about the BDC side of things. Previous solutions have required additional tools, web service wrappers and all kinds of other things.

When Simplement came to us and said that with their solution getting SAP data into SharePoint was as easy as working with Microsoft SQL Server we were all ears! And after a demo of their solution which was put together with BDC Meta Man we were amazed at the possibilities this could bring. Making SAP available through MS SQL Server not only opens up SAP data to SharePoint, but all of your general .NET applications without developers having to learn about SAP.

The best thing to do is watch a brief screencast of it in action:


For more information check out our SAP and SharePoint page.