Social Squared release

Now that we have the initial version of Social Squared released – our 2nd SharePoint Forum Web Part tool – we’ll be iterating quite quickly adding new features and improvements based on our own findings of using the forums on our own Discussion Site and from people using the forums on their own SharePoint sites. We’ve just pushed out a new release that has the following improvements:

Forum Settings Page

Linked from the site settings page, the Forums Settings page will allow you to customize how the forums look and work:


At the moment we have 2 settings:

1, Show profile picture – this setting decides if user profile pictures are displayed next to users posts.

2, Show email addresses – if you are running your forum on a public web site you may not want to display your users email addresses.

We’ll certainly be adding more configuration settings in future releases.

Please give the forums a try over on our Connect Site, or download the free trial to deploy it to your own SharePoint environment.


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