Social Squared July Release

We released a new version of Social Squared that contains a few fixes that you will want to checkout.

1, Rich Text Editor Buttons and Tooltips

We’ve fixed the rich text editor so that all the buttons now come up with the proper tooltips


2, Search box

In our previous version of Social Squared we introduced the search box which allowed you to search your topics and posts for keywords. This was only visible however on the front page of the forum. We’ve changed this so it is available for every forum view such as forums, topics and posts.


3, Topics RSS Feed Improved

Each forum has it’s own RSS feed. Before this release the topics RSS feed only had each topic title included which was a hyperlink to the topic within the forums itself. We’ve now improved this so the topics RSS feed actually includes the initial body of the first post of the topic, plus each reply thereafter. This means you can see everything you need to about the topic within your RSS reader


4, Moderator bug fixed

If you had setup moderation for a forum, added some moderators – but then changed your mind and turned moderation off, the forum would still be under moderation due to the fact that moderators were still assigned. We’ve now fixed this so that the Moderation checkbox is what controls if a forum is under moderation.

5, Paging bug fixed

There was an issue where topics would not page correctly if your forum was running on a site setup for anonymous access and the user was not logged in. Now fixed.


So we are up to version now with Social Squared. We’ve got some cool features coming in next months release which include a new design you can optionally choose to use, plus the ability to allow users to create posts anonymously.

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