Social Squared June Release

Another month and and a new release of Social Squared – our Enterprise Forum Solution for SharePoint. As this is a new product for us we are able to iterate quite quickly to add new features as we get feedback from people using the forums. Here is the new features we’ve added in this release:

Reply and Quote

When you want to add something to a new topic you’ll now see a new button you can use:


Now you can add a new reply, while quoting the original text to make it obvious which post, or even part of a post you are replying directly to. Here is a reply that includes the original question as a quote:


This certainly makes it easier to follow a conversation that is happening in a topic.


Search is now built into the Social Squared Solution. At the top right of the web part you’ll find a search textbox and button:


It will then take you to a custom _layouts page that will display the search results for you with some advanced search options to help you narrow down the results.

Upload Avatar Pictures

You can now upload custom pictures to display along side your posts in the forums. These avatar pictures are stored in the Social Squared db. At the moment if you have a picture setup against your SharePoint profile – we do not use that. We’d love some feedback on this – should we always default to that, or leave things how it is? Or maybe configuration options are required around users profile photos.


Users of internet forums are familiar to signatures. These are very similar to signatures you can create to be inserted at the bottom of all your emails – a bit of html that contains a link or telephone number etc. This can now be set by each user within their profile settings page.

Try it out!!!

We are running Social Squared forums on our own SharePoint site so please feel free to go over there and checkout the new features:

And you can also download a free fully functional trial of the solution from here:

Social Squared Trial Download

We hope you like these new features. If you feel we should change something we have implemented or are missing a feature please let us know at


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