Social Squared version release

We’re delighted to announce the release of version of Social Squared. This release has some big new features, and some minor improvements. You can rush off and download the release straight away, or take a read below to find out what’s new…

User Reputation and Badges

Social Squared allows you to add gamification to your SharePoint sites to encourage people to get involved and add value to the community. As users create posts, have their posts voted up by other users, or have their posts accepted as being an answer – their reputation score increases. As this score increases the user gets new badges and status titles.

SharePoint Badges

The badges and statuses can be completely customized. So if karate belts make more sense as a levelling system for you organization you can customize this.

Start topics by email

For a little while you’ve had the ability in Social Squared to setup ‘Reply via Email’. This meant that users could reply via email directly to forum and topic email alerts and Social Squared would suck those emails in and place them in the correct place in the forums.

In version we have added the functionality so you can start new topics by email as well! All you need to do is make sure you have the subject of the email in the format:

ForumName:Title of your new topic

so the subject:

BDC Meta Man:How do you use stored procedures?

Would insert a new topic into the ‘BDC Meta Man’ forum with the title ‘How do you use stored procedures?’. You can learn more about Reply via Email here:

Other improvements

Some other improvements we’ve made in this release:

Moderators – You can now setup moderation so that your moderators can manage a specific forum for you, but without the overhead of having to approve each new topic and post

Terms and Conditions – You can set Social Squared up so users must accept some terms and conditions before they can start viewing and using the forums.

Where to get it…?

You can learn more and download a free trial of Social Squared from this link:

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