Social Squared version 6.1 release

Social Squared 6.1 has been released

A new version of Social Squared has been released with a couple of bug fixes and a few nice new features to kick start February

Click here to download Social Squared.

What’s new?

Email Digest

In the latest release of Social Squared users have the ability to sign up for digest emails to notify them of changes inside of the forums. It was always possible to have an email alert to come through when someone replies or a new topic is created but now it is possible to daily or weekly notifications instead!
The emails come through with a nice listing of what has changed

Email Timer Job Log

It is now easier to view information from the time job log via Site Settings. Any issues with sending or receiving emails to the Social Squared forums can be easily identified. If you want a reminder of what you can do with Social Squared and email check out the short video from Nick Swan here:

Search Forum Group

It is possible to now restrict searches using the Social Squared search to just the current forum group making it easier to find the content you want.

Next Version

We’re working really hard behind the scenes here at Lightning Tools to bring some great new improvements to Social Squared version 7! As soon as we can we will make details of these exciting additions available on our blog

If you have any feedback send it through to and I will see what you have to say!

Click here to download Social Squared.


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