BDC Entity Localization

BDC Entity Localization.

It is possible to localize two areas of the Business Data Catalog. The column titles and the entity names.

To see how to localize your column names please see this article:

BDC column localization

To localize the BDC Entity names please follow these steps:

1, Right click on your entity on the design surface of BDC Meta Man and choose Edit Entity.

Edit the bdc entity on the design surface

2, Click on the Add button to create a new localized entity name

Click the Add button to create a new localized value

3, Select the localization value from the drop down and enter in the localized value for your entity

Enter the new localized text
You can now save the entity and generate it as standard. When using the Entity selector in SharePoint you’ll notice that you have your localized entity name compared to the other two that have their names from the SQL tables they are based off.

See your BDC entity with its localized name in SharePoint

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