Chat Web Part for SharePoint 2010

Today we are releasing the first major version of our new Lightning Chat Web Part. We’ve built various chat web parts over the past two years using various technologies such as Sandbox Solutions, Silverlight – but eventually we’ve decided to go with an Ajax type solution.

You can place the Chat Web Part on any SharePoint 2010 site to allow you and your team to have discussions. Rather than having chats with your team in separate applications such as Skype or Messenger these chats can now take place directly in the workspace.

The Chat Web Part is great for:

– supporting users or customers with questions 
– team chats – such as daily scrum developer meetings 
– Q & A sessions with executive teams and staff
– Quick conversations rather than clogging up email
– group chats right in your SharePoint workspace
– no need to install anything on the client

We’ve been using the Chat Web Part for our morning scrum meetings and it’s great!

You can download a free trial of the Lightning Chat Web Part by clicking here.


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