compare sharepoint site permissions and clone permissions


Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out SharePoint site permissions and perhaps wonder why you can access some sites but not others? If you rely on SharePoint’s out of the box permission reporting you will have probably become frustrated when trying to determine what permissions your users have to the sites, lists, and list items.

In our next release which is due in November, as well as all of the existing permission reports that DeliverPoint provides such as Permission Inheritance reports, and Unique Permission reports, DeliverPoint will offer comparison reports.  You can literally spend hours trying to figure out permissions for one site without having to compare them to others.  With DeliverPoint, you can now select as many sites as you like and compare the permissions across all of those sites within a matter of seconds.


Compare Permission Report (Click the image to enlarge)

Once you have compared the sites, you may decide that the permissions should be the same across all of the selected sites. Doing this manually using SharePoint would be cumbersome even for a small SharePoint environment. DeliverPoint allows you to select a source and a target site and then synchronise the permissions:


Clone Site Permissions (Click the image to enlarge)

Managing Permission inheritance can also be a frustrating task and also risky as changing your site inheritance options can often mean somebody is accidentally granted permissions. DeliverPoint allows you to easily see the Sites, Lists and List items that have unique permissions and also provides the option to re-inherit the permissions or break permission inheritance.


Manage Site Permission Inheritance (Click the image to enlarge)

Our treeview shows clearly which sites inherit permissions and which sites have unique permissions:


Legend for the DeliverPoint Treeview (Click the image to enlarge)

As well as showing the permission inheritance for the sites, we also allow you to report on Lists with unique permissions as well as List Items within a list:


Unique Inheritance Reports (Click the image to enlarge)

DeliverPoint also shows you exactly why users have the permissions that they have even if they are granted permissions through a Domain Group


Enumeration of AD Groups (Click the image to enlarge)

DeliverPoint is not just another Farm Administrators permission management tool, its a permission management tool that is fully embedded into SharePoint and is accessible for Site Collection Administrators and Site Administrators.

If you are interested in beta testing this version, please contact or visit our booth for a demo at SharePoint Conference Anaheim.