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Last Wednesday we posted on here that we’d noticed some comments left on our blog that linked back to Content and Code by specific target keyword links. This tactic is often used by people selling dodgy Viagra or pushing their Online Casinos so we were very surprised to see this tactic being used by a fellow SharePoint company. We thought this was probably an SEO agency that Content and Code may have been using, but we put up a post with an overly dramatic title with the aim of getting attention and the issue resolved quickly.

Within a couple of hours we had a few emails from people who knew us personally and worked for Content and Code promising to get to the bottom of the issue. Another hour later we had received confirmation that the SEO agency they were using had posted these links without the agreement or knowledge of Content and Code. Everybody from Content and Code offered unreserved apologies straight away which was good of them and so we removed our original blog post.

An important lesson for all of us wanting to increase our web site traffic through organic search results is to be very careful when outsourcing your search engine marketing. Increasing your Google page rank and therefore improving the traffic we get from search is something we all need to commit to over a period of time and something that needs to be worked very hard at. If you engage an SEO agency that offers to do work outside of your actual web site it is very likely that they will be using practices that will either annoy people or get you completely banned from the Google search index. They may not even inform you that they are going to be using tactics that might get you into trouble! There’s no shortcut in building a site that gets great search traffic.

As a gesture of good will to the SharePoint community, Content and Code are making a donation to Unicef’s appeal for the Pakistan Flood Crisis.