Dear users, we love you!


Dear users, we love you. We want to spend all day hugging you and following you around – listening to what you think about our products and SharePoint in general. We build our tools for you to use to hopefully make your lives easier – and if we don’t then we want to know how to do it better!

Unfortunately following everybody around isn’t an option, and either way I’m not sure you all want a hug from us – so to help us work together on our products we’ve launched:

The are a number of aims for this SharePoint site:

1, Use wikis to capture ideas and build up specs

2, Free for everybody to edit specs and add ideas (you will need to register and login though)

3, Get free consultancy 🙂 – submit a requirement and we may build it for you

4, Track/Submit bugs

5, Vote on future features and functionality of products.


We’re really looking forward to using it ourselves and seeing what interaction we can get with you.

If you’d like to get involved just send us a quick email with the username you have registered on to and we’ll set it up.