Deliverpoint and released

DeliverPoint for SharePoint 2007 and DeliverPoint for SharePoint 2010 is released today.

If you are unfamiliar with DeliverPoint, DeliverPoint is a SharePoint permissions management tool for Site Collection Administrators or Site Owners.

DeliverPoint provides accurate permission reporting on Sites, Lists/Libraries, Folders/List Items and Documents throughout SharePoint. DeliverPoint also provides the ability to Copy, Transfer, and Delete permissions from users or AD Groups from the Farm down to the List Item.

It provides all of the above without having to leave the environment you are working in.  i.e. you don’t have to navigate to another Web Application Administration Tool to provide this functionality.


The improvements in this version include:

Pre-Install Checker

The pre-install checker is brand new.  DeliverPoint crawls your Active Directory Domains, collects the users and groups from each OU and stores them in our own DeliverPoint database which resides in SQL. This is to provide you with optimum performance instead of using the object model to provide the reports in real time which can provide a poor user experience. The pre-install checker allows you to experiment with the configuration including/excluding the domains and forests prior to installing DeliverPoint in your SharePoint environment.


Forms Based Authentication FBA support

Forms Based Authenticated users as well as Active Directory Users can now be reported on. DeliverPoint 2007 can be configured to crawl and report on FBA users and DeliverPoint 2010 can crawl FBA users as well as Claims Based Authenticated Users.

In Place Upgrade

DeliverPoint can now be upgraded without prior removal. Simply run the upgrade batch file and choose the repair option instead of fully removing and re-installing the product.

Dead Account Detection at Farm, Web Application, and Site Collection level

The Dead Account detection will report which users still have permissions to SharePoint objects even though their Active Directory or FBA account has been deleted. The report used to only operate from the Site Collection level, but can now be run from Farm and Web Application level also.


Improved Interrogation Logs

Interrogation Logs allow you to explore all the objects that are crawled and any reason why they wouldn’t be crawled. The log has been improved to show much more information allowing you to troubleshoot why objects are not crawled successfully.

Crawl Performance

Crawl Performance has been improved for the Active Directory and SharePoint crawl.

If you want a permission report that looks like this where you can see accurate permissions and see exactly how people got the permissions:


and not like this, where you can’t see how people are granted permissions and if they are in a a domain group you cannot see them:


then you’ll need DeliverPoint.

Download the trial from:


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