How best to support you?


Writing code is only part of the process of creating tools and web parts that have good functionality. For the tools and web parts to actually be classed as useful, there also needs to be the other things such as support and documentation. We took a decision very early on with BDC Meta Man not to write reams and reams of documentation, and out efforts would be better put into creating screencasts. We thought screencasts were the quickest way to get people up and going with BDC Meta Man and the BDC in general. We’ve had some great comments on the screencasts and how useful they are, but some people still love to read .

So we’ve been putting in a big effort to create some written text to go along side the screencasts we have already produced. You can find all our screencasts and expanding documents in our knowledge base:

Which is also where you can get to our free support forums. If there are any topics you feel are missing urgently (or even non-urgently) please do let us know.

So how do you prefer your support information to be published? Screencast or text?