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Lightning Tools has always supported the SharePoint community. Nick and Phill have a big involvement in running the SharePoint User Group here in the UK, Brett assisted with arranging the first ever SharePoint Saturday in the UK, not to mention our contributions to Forums, The SharePoint Pod Show, and presentations at SharePoint events in the United States and also the UK.

Lightning Tools is continuing these efforts by joining forces with SharePoint MVP’s, and community experts to begin offering you the chance to attend live webcasts on various SharePoint subjects.

In the line up you’ll find Dux Raymond Sy, PMP (MVP), Bill English (MVP), Christina Wheeler, Laura Rogers, and Rob Foster (MVP).

First up is Dux Raymond Sy, PMP (SharePoint MVP) from Innovative-e

If you haven’t seen or heard Dux present before, I can assure you that you are missing out! Dux will be presenting the following webcast, hosted by Lightning Tools:

Delivering SharePoint Success: Key Steps to Reap the Business Benefits
Date: 28th April 2011 – 12 noon EST

SharePoint has shifted the paradigm in enterprise information management and team collaboration. By empowering knowledge workers, SharePoint can increase worker productivity, improve efficiency and streamline business processes.

To achieve this goal, focusing on technology alone is not enough. Effectively identifying business value, gaining stakeholders’ support and efficiently managing SharePoint projects is paramount to success………..

If you wish to attend, and we recommend you do, visit our web cast page to sign up:


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