Managing Permissions in SharePoint 2007

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSSv3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007) both offer permission management across sites, lists, folders and list items. SharePoint 2007 provides you with the ability to add users that are either forms authenticated or Active Directory user accounts. Users can either be added directly and granted permissions to the given object, or they can be granted a permission to an object via a SharePoint group or Active Directory group. Sites, Lists, Folders and List items are all seen as object that inherit permissions from its parent. The Top level site within a Site Collection is the location where the inheritance begins, allowing users to create sub sites that either inherit permissions from the parent, or to create unique permission sets. Inheritance can be broken and re-inherited at any time between sites, lists, folders and list items.
All of the above provides a powerful scenario both in WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. The only problem is maintaining the permissions when working with hundreds of sites, lists and list items. Out-of-the-Box with SharePoint, it is difficult to workout which sites inherit their permissions and which ones are unique. It is also difficult and somewhat unclear to find out who has permissions to each object, or also what objects a person has permissions to. Lightning Tools DeliverPoint provides you with an easier way to view not just sites within a site collection, but a hierarchical view of your entire farm. You can then expand each Web Application, and Site Collection to clearly see the inheritance model and the ability to report on object permissions on a per user basis. Reporting on permissions takes into account any nested groups that a user may be a member off which would ordinarily make it even more difficult to work out who has permissions to what.
As well as reporting on permissions, DeliverPoint also helps you perform user permission based tasks such as copying, transferring, and removing permissions from users or groups. Again this sounds like it is not a difficult task until you try to perform permission based tasks on large complex web applications.
These tasks are important to any organization that perhaps has movement of staff between departments, or has staff leave and join on a regular basis. Using DeliverPoint provides you with the peace of mind that the permissions have been removed or transferred to the right people without leaving any potential security issues behind.
DeliverPoint is available for a 30 day trial period from You will also find a demonstration of the product that we advise you watch before downloading the trial.