What is it?

NLightning is your chance to help shape Lightning Tools and the solutions we create. We have some great minds behind the company at Lightning Tools with people talking at conferences, writing books, running the SharePoint Pod Show, running user groups, being active in the community and to top it off we even have a very worthy MVP on board. We like being part of the community and we see our solutions as an extension of this work. As a software vendor it is important to us that the products we release are what you want. As a valued customer you’re in the best position to tell us what your needs, desires and fantasies(?) are for our SharePoint solutions. We get lots of feedback from the community as well as internal ideas but it’s your problems we want to solve and we want to be the company, that you want, to deliver them.

We will listen, discuss and take on board all comments to help us both out. Our desire has always been to make our end users jobs easier, whether that is managing users and permissions with DeliverPoint or providing a highly desired level of functionality with the Lightning Conductor Web Part.


We want you to know that we listen to you, we won’t be able to do everything that you ask of us but where we see an opportunity to stamp our mark we will

  • Improve the quality of our solutions
  • Improve our support, documentation and aftercare
  • Improve our contributions to the community

Why the name NLightning?

Enlightening = Give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.


We want to find out what’s in that lovely brain of yours by having a solid customer relationship. We’re not shy and we hope that you won’t be either, if we are doing something oh so right then let us know and we will keep doing it, if something turns on the red mist then we need to know that too.

You’ll have direct access to me, Phill Duffy, the Product Manager, I promise to reply to all emails. I can guarantee that people will request features, new products and changes which we will be not be able to implement or for other reasons something that we will not implement, if you demand a justification I will do my best to give it.

If you wish to join NLightning then please sign up via the ‘join’ link on the right hand panel or below with your details. Below are the sorts of involvement that we will be looking for

  • Phone interviews
  • Email conversations
  • Survey participation
  • Focus groups
  • Access to Alpha and Beta releases

We’re not going to bombard you weekly with questions, we would however like regular contact so most likely surveys would be a few times a year and we can let you know if there is a survey or focus group and it can be your decision if you wish to participate, we hope you will! If you feel you want to send me an email with a brilliant new idea, an issue you think shouldn’t be then you can always email me.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to welcoming you on board the NLightning Team

Talk to us

Phill Duffy, Product Manager