SharePoint User group UK vendor evening

Lightning Tools have been requested to take part in the SharePoint User Group UK Vendor Evening.  Brett will be travelling down to Southampton to demonstrate the permissions management tool – DeliverPoint.

DeliverPoint makes reporting on permissions in SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 possible from the Farm all the way down to the list item.  Site Owners to Farm Admins can report on the permissions and also perform actions such as Copy, Transfer and Delete permissions for users or groups.  Find our more:

As well as demonstrating the DeliverPoint tool, you will have a good demonstration of some of the frustrations Site Owners and Site Collection Owners face when managing permissions.  There will be plenty of SharePoint Best Practices thrown in along the way.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how DeliverPoint could make your SharePoint Administrators work more effectively and save endless hours when trying to figure out permissions to thousands of SharePoint objects.

Lightning Tools will be thanking you for your attendance by helping support the costs for the evening, and providing a very special raffle prize that’ll turn you into the next James Bond.

If you want to sign up for the evening, please follow this link:


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