Site Administrators don’t have a clue!

Don’t worry, the subject is not a criticism of SharePoint site administrators or Site Collection Administrators for that matter.  It is fact though that unless the Site Administrator or Site Collection Administrator is fully aware of which domain groups users are members off, they wont have a clue what permissions each person has to the site that they manage.

Imagine for one moment that DeliverPoint didn’t exist! <Horrible thought>.  Using the People and Groups view or the Manage Permissions view, they cannot actually tell what permissions users have.  The below screenshot is showing the All People view:

All People View

If I click on the Site Permissions view, you would expect to see the permissions that Brett has.  However, this is not the case as Brett is assigned permissions indirectly and therefore doesn’t even show in the list!

Site Permissions View

I’m now signed in as Brett, so we can see that he has at least “Design” permissions since the Site Actions menu is displayed.

Using DeliverPoint’s Discover Site Permissions option from the Site Actions menu, Site Collection Owners and Site Owners can produce a report showing exactly what permissions every user has to the site and how they received the permission.  The below image shows Brett as a Site Collection Owner and as a member of the DPSales domain group.  Both of these are providing Brett with Full Control permissions to the site!

Discover Permissions Report

The Discover Permissions report can be run against any site, list, folder or list item without having to be taken away from Team Site you are in.  The option is simply selected from the site you are in. 


After all, Its Site Administrators or Site Collection Administrators who should be managing these permissions, and not the Farm Administrator from an expensive client application.

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