The Results – October Product Idea Competition

We had over 150 quality ideas emailed in by people in response to our October SharePoint Product competition. Firstly a huge thank you to everybody who took the time to email us. It has taken quite a while to go through them all and figure out which one we thought was the best.

We evaluated the ideas using 4 criteria:

1, Ease to build

2, Ease to market

3, Potential number of customers

4, Chance of Microsoft doing it

With regards point 1, we are looking for a product that we could prototype in a period between 1 and 4 weeks. Part 4, we are considering what the chances are that Microsoft will release something that makes our product redundant in the next version of SharePoint. Obviously we can’t be 100% sure in this, but an educated guess is good enough.

A few product areas kept cropping up time and time again. The things we noted were:

Better blogging solutions


User, profile and AD management

Global navigation


And the winner is…

We decided that based on the feedback from people a tool around Alerts and Alert Management is something we can build to make SharePoint better for you! Four people submitted ideas around Alerts so we had to put the names into a hat and draw one out. The lucky winner of the iPad is Douglas Punchak!

Congrats to Douglas, and many thanks again to everybody who sent ideas in. We are now in the process of gathering requirements on how to improve SharePoint Alerts and the management around them – so if you have any pain points please leave a comment here or email them in to


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