Welcome to Lightning Towers


Many of you have tracked Lightning Tools progress throughout the 2 years we’ve been running. Building on the success of BDC Meta Man, thanks to the feedback and ideas from our customers we’ve been able to develop some other tools and web parts that you’ve also found very useful.

We’ve grown from a three man team working on one tool remotely in Moscow, Reading and Florida, to a 10 man team, working in even more varied places on multiple projects! Working remotely has its benefits:

– it keeps costs low

– it allows you to work without interruption.

Working remotely quite often means setting up an office in your spare room at home to work from, and this makes it difficult as work and life are not nicely separated – and for me at least, you can spend hours upon hours in front of your computer just because its there – not really focusing on anything. As our team has grown it has become more difficult to communicate with each other. Explaining problems, ideas and requirements will always be quicker face to face, and of course remote working can be quite lonely – you certainly need to make sure you get outside during the day and speak to people!

So with all this in mind Lightning Tools is really happy to announce we’ve opened an office in Reading. Slowly but surely we’ll look to relocate people who want to move across and also grow the team here by taking on some new recruits. It’s an exciting time for us all and we are really looking forward to the improvements it’ll bring in helping us communicate better and develop our tools quicker. The office can sit around 12 people, but to start with it’ll just be Phill and myself to get things going. So far we’ve only got 2 large desks for Phill and myself to work on, but we’ll be acquiring more as we go along – we’ll post some pictures as we gather more things!

If you’re ever in Reading and fancy stopping by for a cup of tea drop me an email!