Winner of Formula 1 competition Melbourne announced

In February this year we ran a competition to win a pair of tickets for the first Formula 1 race which is being held just a couple of days prior to the SharePoint Conference in Melbourne.


Congratulations to Debbie Timmins who won the tickets!

The following questions were answered correctly by Debbie and her name was selected by a random generator.

1. Which team had the fastest pit stop in 2011?

a. Red Bull

b. Mclaren

c. Mercedes

d. Ferrari

2. What is the fastest way to configure a rollup across multiple site collections and web application in your farm?

a. Use the Content Query Web Part

b. Configure the Core Search Results Web Part

c. Develop your own web part

d. Use the Lightning Conductor Web Part

3. What is faster, Rolling up 1,000 announcements from across your Farm with the Lightning Conductor or Red Bulls fastest Pit Stop?

a. Rolling up 1,000 items

b. Red Bulls fastest pit stop

4. What is faster: Michael Schumacher’s fastest lap around Nurburgring or Phill Duffy generating the BCS code to connect to Oracle using BCS Meta Man.

a. Michael Schumachers Fastest Lap

b. Phill Duffy generating code with BCS Meta Man

5. What has the most bugs?

a. Sebastian Vettel’s helmet after 60 laps around Melbourne’s Albert Park on a warm day

b. DeliverPoint Permissions Management

6. A great way to discuss Formula 1 within your organization would be:

a. Hanging around in the canteen on a Monday morning catching up on the F1 gossip

b. Start an email thread to everyone in your company with your thoughts on the days race

c. Post your thoughts on Facebook during work hours

d. Add a post to the Social Squared discussion forum, those who want to read it can.

If you are attending the SharePoint Conference in Melbourne, The Lightning Tools team very much look forward to meeting you there.


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