Webinar Recording – Data Viewer Release

🔗 Access the Recorded Webinar: Master Data Visualization with Lightning Tools Data Viewer. Join us for an insightful recorded webinar featuring Co-Founder of Lightning Tools Brett Lonsdale, where we delve into practical applications of the Lightning Tools Data Viewer. 📊🔌 In this session, we demonstrate how to efficiently connect to a range of data sources, including SharePoint Lists, Excel sheets, OData feeds, JIRA, and SQL databases. Brett provides clear guidance on establishing these connections and harnessing diverse data streams effectively. The webinar focuses on building live dynamic reports, showcasing techniques such as conditional formatting and grouping. Follow along as Brett guides you through the step-by-step process of creating impactful reports that go beyond raw data. Discover the art of crafting informative charts that breathe life into your data. Whether you’re new to charting or an experienced user, you’ll gain practical insights from our demonstration. Explore Lightning Tools Data Viewer’s latest features, including External Graph Connectors, Map & Geo Charts, and animated charts. These additions provide unique ways to extend your data visualization capabilities. This webinar is a valuable resource for analysts, business professionals, and anyone interested in practical data insights. 🎥 Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your data visualization skills. Watch the recorded webinar now to uncover the potential of Lightning Tools Data Viewer.

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