Lightning Conductor Webinar Recording

Unleash the Full Potential: Discover how Lightning Conductor empowers you to aggregate data from various sources, including lists, Graph Entities, External Connectors, and Search data sources, all within your SharePoint Online and Teams environment. Modern Responsive Views: Learn how Lightning Conductor transforms your data into visually stunning, modern, and responsive views.

Explore versatile display options, including Grid, Calendar, Gantt, Image, and more, ensuring your content is presented exactly the way you want it. Introducing Adaptive Cards for Viva Connections: Dive into the latest release of Lightning Conductor, where we unveil the integration of Adaptive Cards for Viva Connections. Now, you can effortlessly showcase high-level aggregated content, such as Top Tasks due today or your most recent documents, right within your Viva Connections experience.

Real-World Use Cases: Gain insights into real-world scenarios and success stories from organizations that have harnessed the power of Lightning Conductor to streamline data management, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the full potential of SharePoint Online and Teams with Lightning Conductor.

Whether you’re an IT professional, SharePoint enthusiast, or simply looking to optimize your digital workplace, this webinar is packed with valuable insights and practical tips.

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