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Optimize your Microsoft 365 investment with our advanced toolset, inclusive of Permissions Management, Content Aggregation, SharePoint Form Design, Discussion Boards, and Data Visualization. Acquire unparalleled control over access, streamline information, enrich user interaction, foster dynamic discussions, and convert raw data into actionable insights. Drive efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making with our potent tools.

SharePoint Permissions Management

SharePoint Permissions Management & Reporting for Site Owners & SharePoint Administrators

SharePoint Form Design

Powerful integrated form designer for Microsoft SharePoint list forms. Build improved layouts and logic easily.

SharePoint Content Aggregation

Aggregate from Lists & Libraries, M365 Apps such as Planner & OneDrive, and External Connectors such as SQL and Salesforce.

Discussion Board for SharePoint & Teams

Structured discussion boards for SharePoint & Teams. Helping users find answers to questions in real-time and in the future.

Data Visualization & Connectivity

Build powerful grid views or charts based on content within SharePoint, Excel workbooks, and external connectors to business data.

Actions & Automation Builder

Create automation action buttons within the SharePoint list or library command bar, and buttons or tiles within SharePoint pages.

List Item Document Generator

Generate Microsoft Word documents from SharePoint list items allowing documents to be shared externally, printed, or stored.

Legacy Form Migration

Migrate legacy form designs and data from InfoPath, PDF, Form Images (& more) to SharePoint Lists powered by Lightning Forms.

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Social Squared: Unlocking Knowledge: How to Overcome Information Silos in Your Organization

Are you struggling with information silos that hinder your organization’s productivity and collaboration? Join us for an informative webinar on “Unlocking Knowledge: How to Overcome Information Silos in Your Organization,” where we will explore effective strategies to break down these barriers and enhance team communication. In this webinar, we will delve into the challenges posed by information silos and how Social Squared, our advanced discussion board tool for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, can help overcome them. Learn how to create a more connected and efficient workplace by centralizing and streamlining your organization’s knowledge sharing.

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Andrew Connell

“We’re proud to call Lightning Tools a partner of Voitanos. With industry leading solutions and people at the front of customer needs with awesome tools like Lightning Conductor, Lightning Forms, and Data Viewer to name a few. Their solutions are always at the top of the list when our customers ask us for solutions to challenges they have in their organization!”

Kurt Rolland
Covenant Technology Partners
Principal Architect

“Our customers business users now complete forms which kick-off workflows and assign tasks. The new forms guide the user to provide more accurate and
complete information. Once the form is submitted, the associated tasks are assigned and emailed to the appropriate personnel.
Immediately the users know which requests are in progress, in revision, or complete and who the open tasks are assigned to and when they were assigned. This is a significant improvement over the original process of email requests being sent back and forth with an outdated Excel form. Employees can now see who made the request, who approved it, who completed the tasks, and who fulfilled the request, making the process easy and transparent.”

Toby Pior
Andrew Wommack Ministries
Intranet Supervisor

Before Lightning Conductor, all we had available to us was default SharePoint views and custom coded JSON views, which were difficult to built and maintain and had plenty of limitations. Lightning Conductor perfectly filled that gap and allowed us to easily create simple dashboards that pull from SharePoint lists. Read more

Gary Buck
Network Rail
IMS Manager

I was just about managing to create as view in my document library but it meant that I was the only one who could create views and it took me forever to create each view as it came along. With this tool I am able to very quickly create the view I need and can also let others self-serve. The tool I am sure will continue to benefit us in many ways.

Julie Bird
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
M365 and SharePoint Deployment

Having experience of SharePoint On Premise and also SharePoint Online, there isn’t an out of the box app/webpart that enables you to ‘roll up content’ from a variety of source’s (in my case SP Lists, but there are many other data sources it works with) across site collections with an easy to use and intuitive interface which is what Lightning tools excels at.

Miroslav Pomsar
System Administrator

Due to the large proportion of external workers, as well as new and departing employees, it is necessary to frequently change user and group permissions at all levels and in all areas of SharePoint data structures. In those cases, the Lightning Tools DeliverPoint tool is a great and valid helper for us. Also it is very useful for making reports of using rights of relevant objects and their subsequent processing in reports for auditors etc.

Ellie Wormsley
Trust Housing Association
Senior Service Designer & Improvement Lead

When first starting to use Lightning Forms, we had fairly simple use cases including a light touch Contact Management tool to allow colleagues to request a callback on behalf of a customer, and a Repair Request & Track tool for people to request a repair to their property and track its progress. While simple, these two cases have been largely successful and popular internally.
We are now looking to more complex use cases, including revamping our void property reletting process. This will bring together a number of departments and allow them to work together on each void in a visual way, giving everyone access to real time information and updates. This is particularly vital considering our colleagues work more remotely. We feel this solution is very powerful and is helping us strive to be sector leaders in this area.

Karlheins Sohl
City of Marion
Records Manager

We’ve used lightning forms on literally dozens of our SharePoint sites now and it’s just excellent, especially because it doesn’t interfere with our ability to governance and administer the sites. We’ve used lightning forms on literally dozens of our SharePoint sites now and it’s just excellent, especially because it doesn’t interfere with our ability to governance and administer the sites.

Paul Shadwell
Ayaltis AG
Chief Technology Officer

Lightning Conductor helped us simplify a cumbersome document review process, making the process more efficient, more accurate, and more user-friendly.  It has also provided greater visibility to the controlled documents on our websites, enabling enhanced tracking of document control metrics.

Stephanie Stamm
Graphic Packaging International
Training Development Specialist

Lightning Conductor helped us simplify a cumbersome document review process, making the process more efficient, more accurate, and more user-friendly.