Data Viewer

The Data Viewer displays data from Microsoft Excel, SQL Azure, OData, BCS, and SharePoint lists in the form of customizable reports or charts to display on modern SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams tabs.

Core Features


he Data Viewer provides data visualization in the form of reports or charts that can be easily created and customized to suit your business needs. Silos of data exist in most organizations and yet contain valuable insights into how well the organization is performing and where action is needed. Those silos often include Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft SQL Azure databases, On-Premises data sources accessible through OData or Business Connectivity Services and even SharePoint Lists. These data sources can be connected to quickly and easily to produce powerful reports displayed in SharePoint or Teams.

Build Data Reports

SharePoint Site Owners and Microsoft Teams Owners can build powerful reports on SharePoint List content or External Data Sources. Define the columns to display and without code include multiple level groups, conditional formatting, and calculated columns to highlight key data that requires action.

Display Dynamic Charts

Build dynamic, simple to use 3D or 2D charts on your internal or external data sources. Charts include Pie, Bar, Column, Line, Scatter, Donut and Surface charts. The charts are interactive and fully customizable.

For SharePoint & Teams

Display your internal content or external data in Microsoft SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams tabs. Users will benefit from having data in the form of reports or charts right at their finger tips whilst collaborating in SharePoint and Teams.

Try Out The Data Viewer

The Data Viewer empowers any business user to build intuitive, and simple to understand reports and charts within their SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams tabs. You don’t need to be an expert in data modelling or business intelligence. Simply, connect to the Excel workbook, SharePoint List, or external data source. Choose your columns, and build style into your reports or charts.

Displaying External Data Within SharePoint or Microsoft Teams

The Data Viewer Client Side Web Part can be configured by Business Users within a few minutes to display Line of Business Data from Data Sources such as Excel,  SQL Azure, Business Connectivity Services, OData and SharePoint Lists.  Connections to your organizations data such as Customer Relationship Management Systems, Accounting Systems, or Custom Databases can be connected to easily, allowing business users to benefit from viewing live up-to-date business information within the context of their SharePoint Team Sites or Microsoft Teams Tabs.

Highlighting Key Business Data (No Code)

Use conditional formatting to highlight key business data. Overdue Tasks, Low Stock, Currency Exchange Rates, Sales Revenue are examples of data that you need to highlight visually allowing for a quick reaction time. Key Financial Indicators and Key Performance Indicators can be configured with a simple dialog and no need to write any code. Simply choose colours, icons or data bars to highlight your key data.

Select and Style Your Icons

Choose Icons as part of your conditional formatting to make data stand out. The Office 365 Fabric icons can be selected and styled and applied to cell values. Pepper pots, Smileys, Envelopes and more icons are available. In fact there are hundreds to choose from enabling you to highlight data that you need to act upon.

Data Viewer Can Be A Grid of Data or a Chart In SharePoint or Microsoft Teams

The Data Viewer can be used within Microsoft SharePoint Modern Sites or Microsoft Teams Tabs as a Grid of Data with styling or as a Chart which can be configured easily. The Charting Feature allows for Pie, Donut, Column, Line, Area, and Scatter Charts which can all be configured easily and displayed in 2D or 3D.


Display summary information within a TreeMap next to the detail! Users will be able to see trends, and how the business is performing  using the TreeMap view of data.

Charts and Gauges

The Data Viewer allows you to represent your data in multiple ways using Gauges, TreeMaps, Multiple Series Charts, and Pie Charts.

Build Powerful and Informative Dashboards

The Data Viewer can be a grid view or a chart enabling you to build powerful dashboard easily within the context of a SharePoint Team Site or Microsoft Teams Tab.

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