Data Viewer Client Side Web Part

The Data Viewer Client Side Web Part is a tool that can quickly connect to External Data sources such as OData and SQL Azure databases through Business Connectivity Services. The benefit of the Data Viewer is that you can easily style your external data through the Data Viewer Client Side Web Part.

This is an Alpha build of the Data Viewer as a Client Side Web Part which has been built using the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Lightning Tools offers a Full Trust version of the Data Viewer for SharePoint On-Premises, as well as a SharePoint Add-In version for users of SharePoint Online. The SharePoint Add-In model was very restricted and didn't allow us to connect to External Data Sources such as Tenant scoped BCS External Content TYpes, which is why we are re-developing the Data Viewer Add-In under the SPFx.

Whilst currently lacking in much of the required functionality, we promise you an amazing product for building business data dashboards in SharePoint using the Data Viewer Client Side Web Part. Download it today, and help shape the future of the Data Viewer!

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(The User Interface of the Data Viewer Client Side Web Part in this video has changed slightly due to on-going development)

The Data Viewer can be used in conjunction with BCS Meta Man to help you build the External Content Type for SharePoint Online. BCS Meta Man is a code free development tool that enables you to connect to the data source and build your methods, actions and associations as well as deploy your model to SharePoint. Once your model is built, use the Data Viewer to view and style your data. A list of upcoming features within the product can be seen below:

  • New Data Sources beyond Business Connectivity Services
    • SharePoint Lists
    • OData (Direct, not using BCS)
    • Dynamics CRM
  • Styling Options
    • Conditional Formatting
    • JSON Views
    • Sample Views
    • Multiple Views
  • New Features
    • Calculated Columns
    • Grouping (Multi Level)
    • Filters
    • Advanced Filters
    • Create, Update, Delete Data
  • Connections to other web parts
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