Lightning Tools is dedicated to delivering our product roadmap strategy. Below, you will be able to drill into our roadmap to see when our releases will take place, and have the chance to register for a webinar to see the releases.

Lightning Tools Roadmap and Hotfix Strategy

Lightning Tools reviews the strategy and roadmap based upon our own vision, but we also consider the input and feedback from our customers. Our Lightning Bugs are fixed on a weekly basis and provided as they are required. Custom features can also be developed through our Lightning Tools Development Services upon request.

Lightning Tools 2023 Roadmap

Browse the new features and updates that we successfully delivered across our product range in 2023.

January 2023
Data Viewer SPFx Client Side Web Part - Conditional Formatting, Error Handling, Contextual Help, Data Formatting Improvements
February 2023
Introducing the new Kudzu Forms Migrator. Migrate from InfoPath, PDF's, and Word documents into Lightning Forms and SharePoint Lists.
March 2023
Lightning Conductor SPFx Client Side Web Part to support aggregating content from External Graph Connectors, and improvement to Search configuration experience.
April 2023
Social Squared Microsoft Viva Connection Enhancements - Additional Adaptive Cards
May 2023
DeliverPoint SPFx Sharing Link Management, Folder & File Icons within Reports, and Classification Label Reporting
June 2023
Updates to Lightning Forms, Lightning List Actions, and Document Generator. Details to be advised soon.
July 2023
MyTeams UI & Performance Enhancements, as well as Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Viva Connections
August 2023
Data Viewer enhancements - Additional Data Sources, and Restyled Charts
September 2023
Lightning Conductor SPFx to offer Command Bar Action Buttons, Viva Integration, and Quick Editing of content.
October 2023
Social Squared SPFx Release: AI generated reply suggestions, Forum Group Setup Wizard, Sample Forums.
November 2023
DeliverPoint SPFx Release - Additional Scheduled Reports, Shared Channel Support, Snapshot/Backup Permissions, PDF Formatted Reports, Group Management
December 2023
Update Release Lightning Forms Suite; Lightning Forms, List Actions, and Document Generator

Lightning Tools 2022 Roadmap

Browse the new features and updates that we successfully delivered across our product range in 2022.

January 2022
Lightning Forms and Lightning List Actions release with all new Expression Builder and Action Builder.
February 2022
Social Squared SPFx Release with new user interface for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
March 2022
DeliverPoint Enterprise Release with Scheduled Reports, and DeliverPoint standard with new tabbed reporting interface.
April 2022
Lightning Conductor Release - New JSON views for Microsoft 365 Groups & Adaptive Card Designer
May 2022
Lightning Forms and Lightning List Actions Release with embeddable forms webpart.
June 2022
Microsoft Teams Focus Month. New Teams Suite Announced with Brand New Microsoft Teams App for Aggregation.
July 2022
Social Squared SPFx Release - New Topic in the default home page, Cross Posting, Inline Getting Started Help, Terms and Conditions to be accepted on first use.
August 2022
DeliverPoint Release - Treeview Pagination, Refresh/Regen Report, Sharing Link Options, Revised Sharing Link Report, Date Stamp on Last Report Run, Number of Views (Usage), Context Help.
September 2022
Lightning Conductor SPFx Release including Contextual Help, List Type of Documents with Style Libraries, Modern side Panel, Document Preview, Calculated Column Examples, Image Slider View.
October 2022
Lightning Forms & Lightning List Actions Release
November 2022
Social Squared Release - New Question/Idea Type, My Posts View, Gifs support, Report Abuse.
December 2022
DeliverPoint - Hierarchy added to Sharing Links Reports, Notifications when granting permissions, Include Report Settings when exporting Reports, Adaptive Cards (Summary Information), People Picked on Advanced Permissions Report Settings, Discover Permission by Groups.