Form Migrator

Migrate forms from InfoPath, PDF, Excel, and others to SharePoint Online using the Kudzu Form Migrator with Lightning Forms. The Kudzu form migrator can read legacy forms and transform them into Modern SharePoint Lists with Lightning Forms in minutes.

SharePoint Form Migrator


he SharePoint Form Migrator is offered through a strategic partnership with Kudzu. Using a specific version of the Kudzu Form Migrator, Lightning Tools offers a form migrator that generates modern SharePoint List Forms within SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises from legacy forms such as InfoPath, Excel, PDF, Word, Images and more. Kudzu can read the legacy form design, and generate modern SharePoint Lists with the customized form with the original layout and business logic. 

Migrate InfoPath Forms to SharePoint Lists

With the end of life date looming for Microsoft InfoPath forms, it’s critical to look for an InfoPath replacement. The Kudzu forms migrator can migrate InfoPath form designs with logic and layout to Modern SharePoint Lists in conjunction with Lightning Forms.

Migrate PDF Forms to SharePoint Lists

PDF & Microsoft Word based forms can be time consuming to complete. Perhaps they need printing, completing, scanning, and emailing? The Kudzu forms migrator makes it a breeze to migrate PDF & Word forms to Modern SharePoint Lists in conjunction with Lightning Forms.

Migrate Excel Forms to SharePoint Lists

Microsoft Excel based forms are challenging for the end user to complete. Using the Kudzu form migrator, and Lightning Forms, Excel based forms can be migrated to SharePoint List forms in conjunction with Lightning Forms.

Try Out InfoPath Form Migrator

Try out the Kudzu Form Migrator to migrate from a Microsoft InfoPath Form to SharePoint Lists. The InfoPath form contains a multiple column layout, repeating tables and logic. Within a few steps, the InfoPath form is migrated to multiple SharePoint lists, custom layout with the same multiple column layout, sublists, and custom logic.

Converting InfoPath Form to SharePoint List Form

The first step with the Kudzu form migrator, is to upload the form that you wish to convert. Kudzu will read the layout, style, elements, schema, rules, images, and data. The Kudzu Reader will read the the form design, and provide a preview of the form for your perusal. The Reader will also analyze the predicted success rate of migrating the form. Once you are happy to convert to a Lightning Forms SharePoint List Form, you can continue to the Lightning Forms writer.

Form Previewer

Once your legacy form has been uploaded, you’ll be able to preview the legacy form design. Previewing the legacy form design provides you with the confidence that the layout, style, elements, images, and schema have been read successfully. Whether you are reading a PDF, InfoPath, Word, Image, or Excel form, the previewer will provide you with confidence before creating your SharePoint List forms.

Writing to Lightning Forms and SharePoint Lists from Kudzu

When you are ready to create SharePoint lists, you’ll create a connection to the SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises site that you would like to publish the SharePoint lists to. Options are available to specify where you would like to store images such as logos from the legacy form, along with an overwrite list option. When you click Go, the lists will be generated along with the custom form design.

Finalizing the Form Design in Lightning Forms

Once the lists and forms have been published to Modern SharePoint Lists, and custom list forms using Lightning Forms, you’ll be able to further customize the form design if you wish to.

Converting PDF Forms to SharePoint List Forms

As well as InfoPath Forms, you can also migrate PDF Forms into SharePoint Lists. Modern SharePoint Lists provide a richer experience than PDF forms or even Microsoft Word forms.

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Converted SharePoint List Form from InfoPath

Once the conversion is completed, begin using your new SharePoint list form(s) straight away as modern, responsive SharePoint list forms. Or customize further with Lightning Forms, List Actions, and Document Generator.