Turn SharePoint List Forms into Business Solutions easily using the Lightning Forms Modern SharePoint List Form Designer. Improve layouts, add logic, and add styling.
Core Features

ightning Forms is an intuitive SharePoint list form design tool that enables you to improve the logic,  layout  and styling of your modern, responsive SharePoint Forms. Lightning Forms offers cascading lookups, customized buttons with actions, repeating lists integration, tab controls, styling and conditional control formatting, and simple to use calculations and expressions. These features help you to easily build business forms within SharePoint and offers an excellent alternative to InfoPath Forms.

Transform your SharePoint Forms

Modern SharePoint List Forms look great, they’re modern and responsive. But sometimes they require more logical layouts to show or hide fields until they become relevant, organise fields into tabs, show related data from other lists within the same form, and customize the logic behind each action button. 

Create Logical Form Layouts

Lightning Forms provides you with a fully integrated design interface that enables you to organize fields, tabs, add Rich Text, and build logically actions all without code. We do all of this whilst maintaining the look and feel of the out-of-the-box lists and responsive design. Of course, as with most Form design tools, your data is stored in your lists and is not processed or stored outside of your tenant!

Use Intuitive Calculations & Expressions

Cascading Lookups, Hide Fields, Field Validation, Cross List Calculations, Actions, and Default values can all be performed easily. Being integrated into SharePoint means that we have the context of the list and environment variables to hand to help with your calculations.

Try Out Lightning Forms
Try out Lightning Forms. We’ll guide you through the List Form design experience and transform a standard SharePoint list into a Purchase Order solution. We’ll change the form layout, add logic and actions, and add style to the form.

SharePoint Modern List Form Design

Lightning Forms offers the ability to redesign your SharePoint List forms to reflect the business needs. Using Lightning Forms, you can easily transform the SharePoint List Forms such as New Form, Edit Form, and Display Form to meet your business requirements of a business form or business solution. You can improve the layout to suit the needs of the business, add business logic, and include styling and conditional formatting. All of this can be achieved while retaining the modern, responsive SharePoint list forms.

The Contextual Design Experience

With some form designers, the design experience doesn’t have the SharePoint list context. Lightning Forms provides a design experience for your SharePoint Modern List Forms where you have the context of the form you are customizing. You can test your logic with existing list items, build expressions using existing fields belonging to the list you are modifying, and test your changes without committing your changes to the list. Once you are happy, you can save the changes, and easily revert back to the original design if you need to. Having the context of the SharePoint List within your design tool also means that any environment values such as user profiles and site properties can be used and tested within the design experience.

SharePoint List Form Design Without Code or Complexity

With Lightning Forms, you can build powerful expressions for calculating field values, hiding fields and other controls, adding actions to buttons or the form load experience, and much more. You don’t need to be a programmer to accomplish adding business logic. The Lightning Forms expression builder is intuitive, and guides you through your expressions. Issues with your expressions are explained in the interface and can also be tested without existing from the design experience.

Adding Style to SharePoint List Forms

Modern SharePoint List Forms look great! They are responsive, and modern looking! The colours of controls adhere to the theme applied to your SharePoint site. Lightning Tools doesn’t break from that modern experience, but it does allow you to add styling and conditional formatting to any control on your form. This can be used to highlight to users where they have incorrectly completed the form. You can highlight tabs, change border colours and labels based upon conditions to make form completion very intuitive.

Combining Multiple SharePoint Lists

Within Microsoft InfoPath, you may have used repeating tables. With Lightning Tools, you can achieve the same results with our sublists. You can embed another list within your site, onto the form of another list. An example is an Expense Report with embedded Expense Items as shown in the above video.

Our next webinar will introduce Kudzu Software partnered with Lightning Forms…


Custom Actions within SharePoint List Forms

Sometimes, a workflow is overkill. With Lightning Forms, you can build a series of actions such as Save Form, Send Email, Set Form Field Value, Add List Item, and Close Form. These actions can be configured against the Forms load event, floating buttons or command bar buttons. If needed, you can also call a Power Automate Flow with our custom actions.

Cascading Lookups in SharePoint List Forms

Within Microsoft InfoPath, you may have used repeating tables. With Lightning Tools, you can achieve the same results with our sublists. You can embed another list within your site, onto the form of another list. An example is an Expense Report with embedded Expense Items as shown in the above video.

Generate Word documents From SharePoint List Forms

The Premium Document Generator Action enables users to transfer information from the SharePoint list form to a Microsoft Word Document so that the document can be saved as PDF or DOCx, Printed, or Shared with non-SharePoint contacts.

Within the Healthcare sector, our customers benefit from building business forms around the formal requests for medicines. The forms were built within Microsoft InfoPath, but have been recreated using Modern Lists and Lightning Forms.
Within the Government sector, our customers benefit from customizing lists forms that have a large number of columns. Lightning Forms has helped them to rearrange the layout to improve usability.
Legal Services
Within the Legal Services sector, our customers benefit from building forms that external users (clients and counsellors) can use to submit information.
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