Lightning Tools is dedicated to delivering our product roadmap strategy. Below, you will be able to drill into our roadmap to see when our releases will take place, and have the chance to register for a webinar to see the releases.

Lightning Tools Roadmap and Hotfix Strategy

Lightning Tools reviews the strategy and roadmap based upon our own vision, but we also consider the input and feedback from our customers. Our Lightning Bugs are fixed on a weekly basis and provided as they are required. Custom features can also be developed through our Lightning Tools Development Services upon request.


New Partner Product Offering – SQList by AxioWorks enables you to replicate SharePoint lists with Microsoft SQL allowing for integration, powerful reporting and querying.


Social Squared Discussion Board release offering integration with Outlook, Polls & Top Contributor Features


DeliverPoint SharePoint Permissions Management Release offering improved report scheduling user interface allowing for large scale permission reports to be run seamlessly.


Lightning Conductor News Aggregation offering Quick Configuration selection of News sources, and brand new JSON News displays.


Data Viewer User Experience improvements allowing for easier configuration Data Views from your data sources.


Lightning Forms Suite improvements to Lightning Forms, Lightning Tools Actions, and Document Generator.


Social Squared – Discussion Board Integration with AI 


DeliverPoint SharePoint Permissions Management offering Site Permission Property interface and SharePoint Group Management


Data Viewer Chart Drill-downs, connectivity to Data Verse, Share snapshot of Chart


Social Squared Discussion Board Administrator User Interface for configuration and settings. More granular permissions. Block guest accounts.


Lightning Forms Suite Improvements to Lightning Forms, Lightning Tools Actions, & Document Generator.


DeliverPoint – SharePoint Permissions Management offering ‘My Owned Site Collection’ Treeview for easier management of your own sites/site collections.