SQList - SharePoint List to SQL Table Synchronisation

SQList is a powerful integration tool designed to seamlessly synchronize data between SharePoint lists and SQL tables. This innovative product facilitates a smooth and efficient exchange of information, enabling organizations to bridge the gap between SharePoint and SQL environments. With SQList, users can effortlessly manage data integrations, ensuring consistency and accuracy across platforms.

Core Features


QList enables effortless synchronization, ensuring that updates made in SharePoint are promptly mirrored in SQL Tables. With its ability to facilitate real-time data exchanges, SQList not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers users to generate insightful reports, contributing to informed decision-making. Elevate your data integration capabilities and system coherence with SQList.


Exporting lists and libraries to a SQL Database involves the seamless transfer of data from SharePoint repositories to SQL tables.  This process is crucial for organizations seeking to integrate and analyze SharePoint data within a SQL Server environment. By exporting lists and libraries, users can leverage the SQL database’s relational capabilities, enhancing data integrity, and enabling sophisticated querying and reporting functionalities.


SQList introduces a dynamic continuous synchronization feature. Instead of periodic data refreshes, this innovative tool ensures a near real-time, ongoing exchange of information from SharePoint lists to SQL tables. This means that any changes made in SharePoint Lists are instantly reflected in the SQL Tables, without the need to wait for scheduled intervals. The continuous synchronization not only enhances data accuracy but also ensures that users always have access to the most up-to-date information. 


By leveraging the combined power of Lightning Forms, a versatile form design tool, and SQList’s seamless integration capabilities between SharePoint lists and SQL, organizations can create an efficient workflow for data collection and integration with Line of Business (LOB) systems. For instance, consider the scenario of purchase orders. Using Lightning Forms, you can design user-friendly and customized purchase order forms within the SharePoint environment. As users submit these forms, SQList ensures a continuous synchronization of the collected data with SQL tables.

SQList – Start Replication

The user interface of SQList is designed for simplicity, ensuring a user-friendly experience with no coding required to set up data replication. The process is guided by an intuitive wizard that walks users through each step seamlessly.

The wizard starts by prompting users to connect to their SharePoint environment. Users simply input the necessary credentials and specify the SharePoint site or list they want to synchronize. A straightforward interface ensures a hassle-free connection process.

Overview SQList

SQList -Configure the SharePoint List & Library Selection

Users start by initiating the connection to their SharePoint environment. The wizard prompts users to enter their SharePoint site URL and credentials. This step establishes a secure link between SQList and the SharePoint platform, enabling access to the necessary lists and libraries.

After successful connection, users are presented with a list of available SharePoint sites. They can choose the specific site containing the lists or libraries they want to synchronize. Once the site is selected, the wizard displays a list of all the available lists and libraries within that site.

SQList – Configuring the SQL Environment

Next, users are guided to connect to their SQL environment. Again, the wizard simplifies the process by prompting users to enter their SQL server details, database information, and authentication credentials. This step is designed to be user-friendly, even for those without extensive technical expertise.

Configuring Synchronization Options

Once both SharePoint and SQL connections are established, the wizard leads users through configuring synchronization options. This includes defining which SharePoint lists should be synchronized with which SQL tables.

SQList – Service Monitor

The service monitor in SQList is a crucial component that provides real-time insights and oversight into the health and performance of the data synchronization process between SharePoint lists and SQL tables. It serves as a comprehensive monitoring tool, offering users a clear view of the ongoing synchronization activities and system status.

By default, errors of level Warning and above are also logged in the Windows Event Log, so standard tools can be used to monitor SQList replications.