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“Once again I am blown away by the responsiveness and commitment of the Lightning Tools team” 

Years of Experience

“Overall I would like to express how impressed I am with your customer service! Quick reactions, great support, follow-up/follow-through and attentiveness are unapparelled to all my dealings in the IT world and special thanks to both Carl and Kate on this account.”

“We have been very impressed with the customer service we have received and with the product. We have not spent a large amount of money but we work very closely with other Government agencies and will not hesitate to recommend Lightning Tools.”

“Every time I contact someone from Lightning Tools, they have responded right away, and with a strong professional and technical knowledge of their products. I’ve used two of the products so far, and found them to be very well designed, and simple to use with SharePoint.  “

“I am absolutely delighted that my suggestion will be included in the next release. This is my first time asking for support & the response is amazing! THANK YOU!!!!”


Code Quality Certified

We develop our code to ISO 25010 standards to ensure that we gain your trust when you deploy our products to your SharePoint environments. Read More

“The customer support team always responds with a clear and professional answer to our questions. They follow up on their open service tickets to make sure the response was received and offer additional support before closing out the ticket. They are one of the most dependable support teams I’ve worked with in a very long time.  “

“During the evaluation period, your team has demonstrated teamwork and professionalism at the highest level. I and my team are glad to have had a chance to work with you, your product has done well in comparison with others products out there, we would highly recommend your product and because of your superior service you have given us.”

“Once again I am blown away by the responsiveness and commitment of the Lightning Tools team to help me with any issue I ever have! Wonderful people and wonderful service!”

“I love the Lightning Conductor, and Lightning Tools!”

“I have to say these people provide GREAT quality service in NO time. I am more than 100% satisfied. “