Business Connectivity Services In SharePoint 2013 and Oracle using Meta Man

In this walkthrough we will demonstrate how to integrate SharePoint 2013 and Oracle and display the data on SharePoint 2013 page. In order to do that we will describe how to create a new external content type for Oracle by means of Meta Man.

  1. Prerequisites:


  2. Open Meta Man. To connect to Oracle server click appropriate data source item on the left pane on the initial screen.Click Oracle server
  3. Enter the name of your Oracle server and your user account details(you may also use tnsnames.ora file in order to connect to Oracle server). Press arrow in order to connect to Oracle data sourceConnect to Oracle server
  4. Upon successfully connecting to Oracle server you’ll see another window. In order to get a list of tables click “Tables” item in the list on the left pane.Click "Tables" item
  5. Now we can see listed all the tables for this particular database.List of tables
  6. We create an external content type by dragging and dropping a table onto our design surface which is the large area on the right side. We will be working with the “DEPARTMENTS” table, to add it to the model , just drag it onto the “Diagram”.Drag a table on the design surface
  7. When you drop the table you will be shown the following dialog, which allows to configure the external content type before creation. You may modify the external content type name, change identifier and add the methods to the external content type. In this example we’ll accept all default values and click “Create” button.Configure the external content type
  8. You can see created external content type on the design surface with the listed methods and identifier. Now simply click “Generate” button and your BDC model file will get generated.Configure the external content type
  9. Now we need to import our BDC model file. Open up SharePoint 2013 Central Administration. Navigate to Manage Service Application->Business Data Connectivity Service. Click “Import” button on the ribbon.Import generated BDC model file
  10. Use the browser button to locate our BDC model file, or type in the path and filename yourself. Leave all the other options as they are for the time being, and click “Import”Locate our BDC model file
  11. SharePoint 2013 will now go through and validate your BDC model file is correct, once it is done you will get a success page.Imported BDC model file
  12. Browse to the site where you want to add the External List. Click “Site Contents”->”add an app”.Add an app to SharePoint site
  13. Select “External List”Select “External List”
  14. Enter a name for External list and click on the icon to show the available External Content Types External list name
  15. Select our generated xe_MetaMan.DEPARTMENTS External Content Type, click “OK” Select External Content Type
  16. Click “Create”Create External List
  17. Your external data from Oracle database is now displayed in the SharePoint External ListExternal data from Oracle database is displayed on SharePoint 2013 page 

We hope this walkthrough will be useful for you. If you have any questions feel free to email them to

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