SharePoint Online List Rollup

Do have the need to perform a SharePoint Online list rollup? The Lightning Conductor launched in 2007 for SharePoint On-Premises is available for SharePoint Online so that you can rollup SharePoint lists such as Tasks, Contacts, and Documents from multiple lists in multiple sites , site collections, Hub Sites and Associated Sites. Views can be configured simply allowing you to design your data with data formatting, styling and conditional formatting. There are built in views such as Calendar views also, allowing you to display your Calendar list items and Task list items within a calendar view.

SharePoint Online Team Sites are made up of multiple lists and libraries containing valuable business information which is often overlooked, unless you happen to navigate to where the content is. Using the Lightning Conductor, you can rollup those SharePoint lists into a single view whilst highlighting the important stuff. You can build any scenario you like, but common ones from our clients include: Top Ten Announcements, High Priority Tasks, Tasks assigned to a specific user, Documents with a specific meta data value, and Calendar items due today.

The Lightning Conductor SharePoint Online List Rollup web part can also be used to rollup Microsoft Graph content such as Planner Tasks, OneDrive Items, and Microsoft To Do. Therefore, you can bring all of your documents, Tasks or other content from across multiple sources into a powerful view in SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams using the SharePoint Online Rollup tool Lightning Conductor.

In this post, we’ll explore how you can use the Lightning Conductor to perform a SharePoint Online list rollup.

SharePoint Online List Rollup with CSOM

Once you have installed the Lightning Conductor  within your SharePoint tenant, you can configure it straight away to rollup your contents.

1. Add the Lightning Conductor   on the page.


Adding the Lightning Conductor SharePoint Online List Rollup Web Part

2. Using the Lightning Conductor SharePoint List Rollup web part, you can configure multiple views of content. You may have a view of content showing All Tasks, but then another displaying Your Tasks, or Overdue Tasks.

3. Click Configure to begin creating a view.


4. Configure the Lightning Conductor as below to rollup Tasks from SharePoint Lists spanning the Hub Site and Associated Sites. Note that you can also specify different Sites or Site Collections depending on your requirements.


SharePoint Online List Rollup5. Now, simply click Save and you will have Tasks displayed in a SharePoint List Rollup Web Part that you can now use as is, or configure further.

6. by selecting the drop down against each column, you will find that you can add columns, apply formatting such as data formatting or conditional formatting, or apply filters.

Note: in the advanced mode you can create calculated columns which can consist of concatenations of columns like “First Name” + “ “ + “Last Name” or calculations such as [Due Date]-[Start Date]. Advanced filtering can also be performed here to provide you with cross column filtering such as Tasks Due Today or High Priority Tasks.

7. To create additional views, and more SharePoint List Rollups, Add a view using the Modern Side Panel as shown below.

These steps can be configured for each view that you would like to configure.

SharePoint Online List Rollup with Search

If you need to aggregate across very large lists or libraries, you can make use of the SharePoint search to get high performing SharePoint List rollups. You will notice when configuring the Lighting Conductor that there are Search options in the dialog. The below configuration will perform a SharePoint List Rollup of all documents in the tenant using search. All items returned will of course be security trimmed.

The above SharePoint List Rollup using search provides all documents where additional columns can be displayed or conditional formatting applied.

There are many different scenarios of SharePoint List Rollup that you can perform with the Lightning Conductor, if you would like to learn more, please book a demonstration to how we can help your organization.

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