SharePoint Permissions Auditing and Alerts

SharePoint Permissions Auditing & Alerts

Understanding why permissions have changed, and who changed permissions through SharePoint Permissions Auditing is just as important as seeing who has permissions to an object currently. DeliverPoint is a SharePoint Permissions Management tools that provides in-context SharePoint permission reports that Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators can easily understand and manage. Often it is business user who needs to understand and manage permissions within a Microsoft SharePoint environment. DeliverPoint caters for these users so that permissions can be reported on accurately without navigating away from the content within the browser. Operations such as Copy, Transfer, Grant and Delete permissions can be performed in bulk across web applications, site collections, sites as well as down to the item.

SharePoint Permissions Auditing

A new feature for DeliverPoint 2010 and DeliverPoint 2013 is the Auditing and Alert functionality. Users can monitor sites or site collections to look for changes in permissions regardless as to how the permission change occurred. If permission inheritance is broken, a user is granted permissions, or group membership changes, business processes could be affected. Using DeliverPoint you can provide an easy to understand report detailing all of the changes, as well as configuring alerts to notify you via email or SMS of the business critical change.

SharePoint Permissions Auditing

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