SharePoint Content Aggregation
Content Aggregation Tools in Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft Teams can save information workers considerable time when they are looking for content. 
SharePoint Content Aggregation Tool: Lightning Conductor!

SharePoint content is stored in SharePoint Lists and Libraries within SharePoint sites organized into Site Collections or Hub Sites and Associated Sites. It can be challenging to find content when multiple sites are used across Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

A Content Aggregation Tool such as The Lightning Conductor, can help you to build aggregated views of SharePoint Content so that Documents, List Items such as Tasks, or Announcements can be discovered easily. The Lightning Conductor can provide content aggregation from SharePoint lists and libraries, and also from other sources such as Microsoft Planner, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, without the need to write CAML code or Microsoft Graph. Microsoft outline the benefits of Content Aggregation here.

Examples of Content Aggregation
Below are the top examples of content aggregation that save users time:
  • Aggregation of Documents from multiple sites and teams that you last modified.
  • Aggregation of Documents from multiple site collections that are checked out to you.
  • Aggregation of Documents by Project from OneDrive
  • Aggregation of Tasks from Task Lists, Planner, and Microsoft ToDo