DeliverPoint Customer Story - Automotive Industry

Lightning Tools DeliverPoint is used to streamline SharePoint permissions for over twenty well known car manufacturers in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises. 


eliverPoint helps business users, and Tenant or Farm administrators to report and manage permissions throughout Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. Many of our customers report that managing permissions is difficult within Microsoft SharePoint. Users of SharePoint are able to share content with others, including external users, which often makes staying on-top of permissions a real challenge. Using the SharePoint user interface, permissions cannot be managed in  bulk or reported against multiple items, lists, or sites. Bulk changes, or large scoped reports are a requirement to cope with the ever changing needs of business. Personnel can change, new employees join the organization, and users change roles. All of these business activities require SharePoint permission changes, which is extremely time consuming. Adding to the frustration, is that the responsibility of managing permissions is often the responsibility of SharePoint Site Owners, or Site Collection Administrators. Such users, have other responsibilities beyond that of making SharePoint permission changes.

There are many large organizations that utilize DeliverPoint to help overcome these challenges with SharePoint Permissions. The automotive sector are big users of DeliverPoint within both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. Vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, vehicle finance, and vehicle electronics are among the businesses improving their productivity by cutting down on the time taken to report and manage SharePoint permissions, Additionally, confidence is increased that sensitive content has not been shared with the wrong people.

One particular automotive business that owns multiple vehicle manufacturer brands worldwide has successfully used DeliverPoint to manage over one hundred thousand employee permissions across multiple SharePoint farms. DeliverPoint was able to cater for the vast amounts of content generated by over 100k employees in a contextual, and decentralised environment. By fully integrating into the SharePoint sites, and lists, Site Owners and Site Collection administrators were able to take control of permissions contextually using DeliverPoint. Permissions were back under control within weeks after using many of the bulk permissions operations such as Delete, Copy, and Transfer.

Natasha L
Project Manager

DeliverPoint has really helped our organization to apply structure and uniformity to permissions throughout our sites and site collections. Our business users can now focus more time on their roles rather than having the added frustration of SharePoint permissions management. Running the Discover Permission reports monthly allows us to keep a check of the permissions granted within just a couple of minutes.

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