DeliverPoint Customer Story - Financial Sector

Lightning Tools DeliverPoint has helped many enterprise organizations within the financial industry to improve their SharePoint Permissions Reporting.


eliverPoint has helped many organizations within the financial sector to overcome the challenges faced with SharePoint and permissions reporting.

One of our successful customers who has seen success with DeliverPoint is a well known enterprise organization in the financial sector with offices worldwide, that provides business finance and personal finance within the automobile industry.

One of the challenges was related to the large volume of content generated on a daily basis, by thousands of users. Permissions on the content were difficult to manage as it had become out of control. Permissions had been assigned in multiple ways by sharing files and folders and therefore breaking permission inheritance, assigning permissions through Active Directory Security Groups, or also by using SharePoint Groups. This inconsistent approach led to difficulties ensuring that content was only visible to the audience for which it was intended.

Site Collection Administrators had the responsibility of overseeing permissions management for the sites, lists and libraries that they manage.

However, Site owners were able to create groups, share content, and break permission inheritance. This didn’t just lead to a lack of confidence when storing confidential content, but became an on-going problem when trying to remove permissions from retired users, or applying uniformity to the permission structure. As soon as the permission structure was tidied up, more files and folders were shared, and sites created with unique permissions.

DeliverPoint has helped the Site Collection Administrators to take control of the permission inheritance by clearly understanding where it has been broken, and having the ability to compare permissions easily between sites or content with unique permissions. The permission reports have helped Site Collection Administrators to keep a check on how permissions are granted, and remove any permissions that are duplicates or simply not required.

Having a tool that is focused on the business user has really helped to regain confidence in SharePoint as a document management system, and has cut down on the overhead of maintaining sites and site collections.

Natasha L
Project Manager

DeliverPoint has really helped our organization to apply structure and uniformity to permissions throughout our sites and site collections. Our business users can now focus more time on their roles rather than having the added frustration of SharePoint permissions management. Running the Discover Permission reports monthly allows us to keep a check of the permissions granted within just a couple of minutes.

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