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Version4.0.0.0 Previous versions
Date added2nd May 2023
Downloaded2821 times
CategorySocial Squared
TagsSocial Squared, SPFx

Social Squared Release Notes (April 2023)

  • Optional ChatGPT Integration* (Separate installation)
  • Adaptive Card integration for Microsoft Teams Post Tab and Outlook notifications
  • Forum level settings overriding web part settings
  • Re-organised settings panel
  • Import/Export Configuration
  • Forum Group Level Subscribe Option (December 2022)

  • Terms and Conditions for users of the forum to accept
  • Ability to Report Abuse to Moderators
  • Keep track of moved Forum Topics
  • Follow/Subscribe to Tags
  • Ability to subscribe to entire Forum Groups
  • Improved Anonymous Posting
  • Support for ‘R’ Programming language within the Rich Text Editor
  • Improved Image storage when images are within the body of post

CDN Updates to

NOTE: These updates will appear automatically if you have version

  • (Oct 20): Fixed an issue in the Topic view when there were a great many posts with attachments.
  • (Oct 15): Update to allow accounts with Full Control to perform Social Squared configuration.
  • (Oct 11): Updated the “Allow only Admins to create new topics” feature to include Moderators as well.
  • (Oct 7): Fixed an issue when a post contains a very long URL link, where the “…” menu would disappear.
  • (Oct 6): Fixed an issue with the new “Allow only Admins to create new topics” feature.
  • (Oct 3): Updates related to licensing.
  • (Sept 9): Update to hide Graph error messages for Members in the Teams app.
  • (Sept 8): Allowed post notifications for the case where the poster is anonymous. Also allowed anonymous posts to appear in (only) the poster’s MyPosts view. Fixed an issue with user names that include an apostrophe (such as O’Hara). (July 2022)

New features:

  • My Posts View
  • Improved Tag Cloud accessibility
  • Document Library support for Attachments
  • Contextual Getting Started Guides for Administrators and End Users
  • Option to allow only Admins or Moderators to create new Topic threads
  • Improved Reply, Mark as Answer, and Mark as Featured UI
  • Views other than Tag Cloud are scoped to selected Forum Groups


  • Re-worded the post deletion confirmation message
  • Members of the site’s SharePoint Owners Group are now automatically Social Squared admins (in addition to M365 Group Owners)
  • The red moderation message is now only visible to Moderators and Admins

Read our July blog post for more information about some highlighted updates. Also, please visit our newly updated Social Squared Help Centre!

CDN Updates to

NOTE: These updates will appear automatically if you have version

  • (June 30): Fixed an issue with Answered icon placement.
  • (June 25): Fixed an issue where Moderators could not see links such as Move Topic, etc.
  • (June 20): Fixed an issue where Moderators could not see Approve/Delete links within a post to be moderated. Set the Pending label to display in red.
  • (June 15): Mobile layout enhancements (e.g. vertical placement of reaction/answer icons)
  • (May 11): Fixed an issue with @ mentions of groups in SharePoint
  • (May 4): Added Likes count and Votes count to the user page.
  • (April 25): Read posts change from bold to normal font without a page refresh.
  • & (April 12): Fixed font size in SharePoint (had become larger due to some Microsoft change).
  • (Mar 29): Fixed the Last Post display when a Topic is moved. Fixed position of Answered checkmark to allow links at the top of the post to work.
  • (Mar 29): Fixed an issue with Post text within Teams.
  • (Mar 26): Fixed subscribe/unsubscribe text at the Forum level.
  • (Mar 25): Fixed an issue with Post text in a SharePoint page section using the “Strong” background shading. Changed alert option behavior on a new Topic to only alert on new replies (not on other new topics).
  • (Mar 15): Fixed an issue when creating moderated posts with tags.
  • (Mar 10): Fixed an issue with Adaptive Card icons in the AppSource version.
  • (Mar 2): Updated Dutch language support.
  • (Mar 2): Fixed images for post likes and emoticons.
  • (Mar 1): Updated user count handling for licensing. (February 2022)

New features:

  • New User Interface Experience
  • Modify Badges
  • Adaptive Cards for Viva Connections
  • New Like Emojis
  • Channel and Team mentions (NOTE: The ChannelMember.Read.All Microsoft Graph API permission request needs to be granted for this feature to work.)

Watch our webinar recording for a demonstration of the most important new features! (October 2021)

New features:

  • Topic Suggestions
  • Meet on this Topic
  • Pin a View (watch a video on this topic)
  • Managed Metadata Support for Tagging
  • Search this Forum
  • Subscriber People Picker
  • Sorting by Votes, Likes, Answered, Featured, and Chronological Order
  • Conditional Sticky Posts

See our  Blog Post for screenshots and further details on the most important new features!

NOTE: In SharePoint Online, to take advantage of the user avatars, presence indicators, user profile cards, and M365 Group subscriptions, a SharePoint administrator will need to approve Microsoft Graph API permissions from the SharePoint Admin Center.