Lightning Conductor Customer Story - Consumer Goods Sector

The Lightning Conductor is a versatile tool that is used across all industry sectors to build reports on content within SharePoint Lists or through the Graph API such as Planner and OneDrive.


he Lightning Conductor has helped business users to be more productive and efficient in their roles across many industry sectors and sizes of organization. SharePoint by nature often grows substantially as more sites are created for business use. The Lightning Conductor has evolved from providing SharePoint list rollups to being a powerful reporting tool for SharePoint list content and other Microsoft 365 content accessible through search or Microsoft Graph like Planner, OneDrive, and Microsoft To Do. The Lightning Conductor is flexible, and can be used in many different ways to provide your business users with easy access to their content through SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

Business users become much more productive when they don’t have to try to remember where they created a document, or overlook tasks that were assigned to them. By providing a tool to report on this content, all of the content can be displayed centrally and filtered based upon your needs. Key data can be highlighted through conditional formatting and styling such as Data Bars and icons.

One our customers in the Consumer Goods business sector employs around 500 business users. They create a SharePoint site for each project (product) which contains a list of project information. The custom list is made up of many columns that are defined by a content type. Using the Lightning Conductor, the customer has been able to aggregate from hundreds of custom lists, filtered by the content type and displaying the columns specific to each project. The report is categorised by product type allowing navigation through to hundreds of projects from a centralised view. Using the Highlighted Content Web Part wasn’t an option due to the inflexibility of designing the views required with column selection and styling.

The report has provided a great return on investment! Each business user can navigate to the project sites easily based upon project type rather than performing searches.

Conditional Formatting has been used to highlight different types and statuses of each product, so that users are instantly sure of what to look for.

Not only has the Lightning Conductor been useful functionally, but has also provided a modern, responsive report adhering to the customer’s theme.

Kate Croes
Project Manager - Product Development

“Overall I would like to express how impressed I am with your customer service! Quick reactions, great support, follow-up/follow-through and attentiveness are unparalleled to all my dealings in the IT world and special thanks to both Carl and Kate on this account.”

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