Lightning Forms Customer Story - Healthcare Sector

Lightning Forms is a powerful, but simple to use SharePoint List Form Design Tool. Many of our customers across many business sectors have used Lightning Forms. Below is a customer story from the Healthcare Industry.


ightning Forms has helped many businesses in many different sectors to design business forms within Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online using SharePoint Lists combined with Lightning Forms. With the upcoming deprecation of Microsoft InfoPath, many businesses are looking to replace their business forms with a solution that provides longevity.

SharePoint Lists are ideal for storing business data as the content can be secured, searched for, and automated with existing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 technologies. However, the forms themselves lack the design capabilities of a form such as those designed with InfoPath. InfoPath was ideal for emulating the layout often found on paper-based forms. Fields could be laid out within sections, with some of those sections to be completed by different roles such as managers or auditors.

Lightning Forms is the ideal SharePoint list form design tool to help business users to apply layouts and logic to the SharePoint list forms once again offering the layouts required by the business.

One particular customer in the healthcare industry within the UK has performed a migration of their SharePoint On-Premises Farm to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. During part of that process, they have taken the opportunity to recreate their InfoPath forms as SharePoint Lists. Lightning Forms has enabled them to group together fields within tabs, disable fields based upon the user’s role, apply actions for automation, and embed sublists for Master-Detail scenarios. One example of a Master-Detail Scenario is for the request of medicines from a new vendor. The vendor form collected the header information for the vendor such as Company Registration number, Company Name, and Address, but also included a sublist for collecting references for that single vendor.

Lightning Forms has saved many hours in designing forms, and is a great improvement over the original InfoPath forms.

Kurt Rolland
Covenant Technology Partners
Principal Architect

“Our customers business users now complete forms which kick-off workflows and assign tasks. The new forms guide the user to provide more accurate and
complete information. Once the form is submitted, the associated tasks are assigned and emailed to the appropriate personnel.
Immediately the users know which requests are in progress, in revision, or complete and who the open tasks are assigned to and when they were assigned. This is a significant improvement over the original process of email requests being sent back and forth with an outdated Excel form. Employees can now see who made the request, who approved it, who completed the tasks, and who fulfilled the request, making the process easy and transparent.”

Ellie Wormsley
Trust Housing Association
Senior Service Designer & Improvement Lead

When first starting to use Lightning Forms, we had fairly simple use cases including a light touch Contact Management tool to allow colleagues to request a callback on behalf of a customer, and a Repair Request & Track tool for people to request a repair to their property and track its progress. While simple, these two cases have been largely successful and popular internally.
We are now looking to more complex use cases, including revamping our void property reletting process. This will bring together a number of departments and allow them to work together on each void in a visual way, giving everyone access to real time information and updates. This is particularly vital considering our colleagues work more remotely. We feel this solution is very powerful and is helping us strive to be sector leaders in this area.

Karlheins Sohl
City of Marion
Records Manager

We’ve used lightning forms on literally dozens of our SharePoint sites now and it’s just excellent, especially because it doesn’t interfere with our ability to governance and administer the sites. We’ve used lightning forms on literally dozens of our SharePoint sites now and it’s just excellent, especially because it doesn’t interfere with our ability to governance and administer the sites.

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