Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint Online Across Multiple Site Collections

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint Online

In this blog post I’ll explain how you can use the Lightning Conductor Add-in when rolling up my tasks in SharePoint Online across multiple site collections.

1. Select the ‘Actions’ then select ‘Create view‘ menu on the ‘Lightning Conductor App Page‘.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Create View

2. In the ‘App Part’ tab you will need to select the ‘Search Rollup Engine Provider’ in the ‘Configure Data Source Provider’, then in the ‘Configure Display Provider’ select the ‘Grid View Display Provider’.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - App Part

3. Select the ‘Data Source’ tab you will next select the ‘Result source’. In the drop down menu, select ‘Items matching a content type’.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Data Source

The reason why we are selecting the ‘Items matching a content type’ result source is because you will want to select the Tasks content types.

4. In the ‘Scope’ section you will want to select where you want your items to return from. You can however leave this section blank if you wish to roll up from everywhere.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Scope

5. In the ‘ContentTypeId’ field, you will want to select the ‘Task’ content type, which is also known as ‘0x0108*’. This value causes all items to be retrieved which have a Content Type of ‘Task’ (SharePoint list template 108), as well as any items of Content Types based on the ‘Task’ Content Type (using the * wildcard character).

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Content Type ID


6. In my example I will be using the following columns that require us to go in to the ‘Search Schema’:








The crawled properties of the above columns are the following:









We need to map these crawled properties to ‘Refinable’ (strings) (dates) (decimals)


7. To map crawled properties to ‘Refinable’ (strings) (dates) (decimals) we need to access the ‘Search Schema’ at the tenant level. To get to the ‘Search Schema’ we need to get to the ‘Admin Center’. To do this select the in the top left of your screen, and then select ‘Admin

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Admin Page

8. In the ‘Admin Center’ select ‘Admin Centers


9. Then select ‘SharePoint’ admin center.


10. In the ‘SharePoint Admin Center’ select ‘Search


11. In search administration select ‘Manage Search Schema’


12. In the search schema select ‘Crawled Properties


13. In this given example, I’m going to show you how to map the ‘ows_AssignedTo’ crawled property to a ‘RefinableString’ managed property. In the ‘Crawled Properties’ field, type the following ‘ows_AssignedTo


14. Select the green arrow to search for ‘ows_AssignedTo


15. Select the ‘ows_AssignedTo’ crawled property


16. Select ‘Add a Mapping’ and type ‘Refinablestring’ and select ‘Find


17 & 18. Select a ‘RefinableString’ that is not currently being used. In my example I will select ‘RefinableString00(Text)’ and then select ‘OK’.  (If you want to find out if a certain ‘Refinable’ (strings) (dates) (decimals) is being used, you need to go to ‘Managed Properties’ in the search schema and type in the RefinableString Managed Property you want to use. This will show you if it’s currently being used for another crawled property.)


19. You should now see that the ‘ows_AssignedTo’ crawled property is mapped to ‘RefinableString00(Text)


20. You can now give ‘YourRefinableString’ an alias. To do this go to ‘Managed Properties’ in the search schema and type in ‘YourRefinableString’, then select ‘YourRefinableString‘.


21. Scroll down until you see ‘Alias’. Then type the alias you want for ‘YourRefinableString


22. Do this for the other five remaining crawled properties, you need to map them to the following:

ows_StartDate’ map to a RefinableDate

ows_DueDate’ map to a RefinableDate

ows_Priority’ map to a RefinableString

ows_Status’ map to a RefinableString

ows_PercentComplete’ map to a RefinableDecimal


You could also add your custom columns, you would also need to map these to ‘Refinable’ (strings) (dates) (decimals).


23. In the Lightning Conductor Add-in select the ‘Columns’ tab and type in the managed property’s name (or Alias) with the column type.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Column

24. Apply Grouping, Sorting, Filtering and Conditional Formatting where you deem necessary.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Building the View

25. In the ‘Query text’ field you will want to use the following (YourAssignedToColumn:{User.Name})


Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Data Source

26. Select ‘Save‘. (Note: you might not receive any results for a few hours, as you will need to wait for your office 365 tenancy to re-crawl)

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Display Properties

27. Watch your tasks rollup in seconds.

Rolling Up My Tasks In SharePoint - Conditional Formatting

You can start rolling up your tasks today when you download the Lightning Conductor Add-in directly from the SharePoint App Store



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